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SaxaVord Spaceport

SaxaVord UK Spaceport is a multi-use, vertical space launch site in the UK located on the island of Unst in Shetland, Scotland. Our site has been chosen to host the UKSA’s UK Pathfinder launch, which will be delivered by Lockheed Martin and ABL Systems, in 2023.

We offer direct routes to key low-earth orbits, providing a wide range of launch services and ground station services to our global client base. We work with our clients from the early stages of launch planning and testing, through to take off, using the expert advice from our team on the ground and our state-of-the-art technology, engineering and data facilities.
Integral to the UK’s space economy ambitions, SaxaVord is building a highly skilled workforce, championing STEAM education and supporting the economic growth of local communities in Shetland.

The company was formed in 2017 by CEO Frank Strang and his wife Debbie Strang at the former RAF Saxa Vord base, with the launch site at nearby Lamba Ness .

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Adaugeo Solutions

Adaugeo Solutions is a consultancy practice delivering bespoke Health and Safety solutions and support that integrate with business needs; providing support and solutions into the three areas of Health and Safety, People and Business Process management.

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Consultants Like Us

Consultants Like Us understand that Information Security, Data Protection, ISO standards and regulations can be confusing. That’s why they're here; To help you protect your business by making sense of these complex topics. They take away the confusion and make these topics more accessible and easier to understand, so they become part of your business. Consultants Like Us understand that your primary focus is your business, and you can’t be tied up trying to protect something you’re also looking to build!

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Team Forces

Team Forces and Team Army help to fund sport, challenge and adventure in the armed forces community in order to improve health, wellbeing and recovery. We help the best get better.

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Acclaim is a boutique licensed trust and corporate services provider operating from the Isle of Man. They are independently owned by the management team, who take a hands-on approach to ensure exemplary service to our clients.

The directors are supported by qualified senior staff with a wealth of experience who uphold their ethos of providing the high quality professional and personal service that they pride ourselves on.

Founded in 2006, they have acquired a reputation as a trusted advisor and service provider both locally in the Isle of Man and international. Their clients value their bespoke approach to individual situations irrespective of complexity.

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Rooster, founded by Steve Cockerill in November 1999, emerged from salty seas and shoreside conversation across the world; combining his passion for developing water sports kit that performs with his enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge amassed from two Olympic Campaigns. Their very origin is innovation and challenging the systems, not just a brand; but practices delivered from determined effort, thorough research and passion for the outdoors.


Our Cabin Club

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Our Kit Supporters

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